Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking to write less support mails? Put your typewriter away! helps you to write Frequently Asked Questions which will give your support team a rest.

Build your FAQ for free! is a tool to write and manage your Frequently Asked Questions. You can embed it into every website easily. Reports will make it easy to adjust the questions to your users need.


Write your FAQ in an easy to use online editor instead of plain HTML. No more copy&paste for your customer.


No more shuffling around HTML elements. Drag and drop your questions to the right position.


No Uploads and no FTP. Publish your newest FAQ with a simple click on a button.


Copy and paste a Javascript snippet to your website. It's as easy as embedding a Youtube video.


Most FAQs are not searchable. With the search is built right into the product.

Autosort Pro

There are more important questions than others. Let autosort your questions after usage.

Usage Statistics Pro

Get simple usage statistics about your FAQ and your questions to make data-driven decisions about it.

Search Statistics Pro

Get statistics about searches which had no result. React to terms that are not found frequently.

Helpfulness Pro

(In development) Let your users decide wether a questions was useful or not and react to unuseful questions.


What can describe better what this tool can create for you than our own FAQ? What you see below is 100% created with


Free Plan

  • Online Editor
  • Embed per link / javascript
  • Build-in Search
  • E-Mail Support

Pro Plan

(Early adopter)
0€ 5€
  • All features of the Free Plan
  • No Branding
  • Usage Statistics
  • Search statistics
  • Custom styles is a new product. More features are under development. It's completely free for now. This may change in the future.
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